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Our Catalogue helps travelers quickly make a right choice of a hotel for vacation. You will find here mainly 4 and 5 stars hotels, as well as 3-star hotels with authentic design. Every hotel is represented in a catalogue by its own page with a video, description, photos and reviews. If there is no feedback on a page, you will find some at the websites of our booking partners.

Most hotel catalogue videos are shot by our team, but there are also some selected best Internet videos. We had been making “Review videos” of hotels up to the middle of 2012, and then changed our format to “Video commentary on a hotel”. Now a broadcaster walks a viewer through the hotel, shares his opinion with us and makes his own evaluations. We create an amazing and interesting commentary on a hotel where our broadcaster “tries it on”.

He feels absolutely free wandering around the hotel like Agent 007 being on his mission. He lives in a hotel, dines there, swims, takes sun baths, has fun and goes to massage procedures. Thus, he makes your customer attitude towards this hotel. It’s high time to quit being shy in front of ceremonious hoteliers and their service team. That was you, who rented the hotel and all services and entertainments available there for your own money!

Once you chose your hotel, you may move to online booking of the hotel, ticket or tour. As well as find a certified travel agency in your neighborhood in order to buy a tour to a selected hotel traditionally for cash.


There are three intuitively simple ways of using our website:

If you need to book a ticket, hotel or tour urgently, you may be free to contact our booking partners at the website’s homepage.

First, find a right country, region, city or hotel and start to type a correct name in a smart search box watching the popping out tips. Then click a needed name from a list.

If you wish to choose a needed hotel in the catalogue, go straight to the advanced search. Selecting a country, category or hotel services in the advanced search, carefully watch an advice on a number of hotels left. That’s how our system will save you from being at a loss.

Our catalogue is an informational resource; we do not deal with booking ourselves, so we do not add any extra % to service prices. We only help to choose a hotel and make some advice for booking and paying at websites of our partners – world-known systems of hotel, ticket and tour booking. Their world-known reputation is a proof for you to get high quality booking services.


Selecting a hotel you like, you may add it to your basket to make your final decision later without a hurry. You may use this service after a simple registration procedure. Besides, you may do it by means of social networks. After visiting a hotel you may leave your comment on the hotel to other catalogue users. If you sign in through a social network, you may post your comment simultaneously to the catalogue and social media.

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