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Tourists will easily choose a hotel in our catalogue basing on its video, description, photos and reviews. They will comfortably book a hotel or tour, purchase airplane or train tickets, find a travel agency in their neighborhood. Moreover, they will share their impressions with you after visiting a selected hotel.

Hoteliers will place information on hotels and get an opportunity to promote their hotels through video marketing for the target audience.

Travel agencies will receive the needed orders traffic on tours from tourists, who have already selected a hotel for their vacation.

Advertisers will be able to promote their goods by using video marketing for the target audience.

Mission of the ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels

Mission of our Video Catalogue is to help tourists safely and easily find hotels for business and vacation. To give all travelers an opportunity to conduct amazing video tours around the hotels before they make their choice and leave their homes.

In our opinion, only a video may help to make a right choice of a hotel. That’s why every hotel in the catalogue has its own promo.

We have made a lot of videos of beach hotels around the world and started to shoot city hotels; our next step will be to highlight ski resorts and cruise liners.

Welcome to an amazing world of the ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels! «Angelonyx»

Choose hotels by videos, book tours, have a nice vacation

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