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The travel market studies show that choosing hotels of their dream modern tourists want to see a video about a place of their future vacation. It has been proved that Internet hotel promotions by means of videos are 4 times more effective than those made only with photos and text info. Future of the travel industry marketing lays in presenting a tourist product in a form of a short documentary.

Our Audience

ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels is a unique international online travel project. It is a worldwide media source. Our YouTube channel and the catalogue website is viewed by users from over 160 world countries! We make our world better providing tourists all needed video information on hotels.

Every year almost 1 billion people all over the world travel to different destinations. At least 30% of them are interested in 4* and 5* hotels. They collect all available information on hotels and are our potential customers. Their total number exceeds 300 million people worldwide! And they are potential guests of all the hotels represented in the ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels.

Online Commercial Services

We offer a full list of services on selecting and booking hotels for travelers. The catalogue uses partner programs of the best online hotel booking и ticket selling systems.

Only Best Hotels

We want to see various hotels with authentic designs in our video catalogue. Generally, we place only 4* and 5* hotels. However, sometimes we make an exception for 3* hotels with interesting design solutions. If you believe that your three star hotel has an original design, we welcome your hotel to our catalogue.

Video Format

We had been shooting “Review videos” since June 2011. These were wonderful views of the hotel accompanied by pleasant music. We’ve made about 700 videos of hotels from six countries. But ultimately, we’ve made a decision that this format is not capable to satisfy future travelers with information on a certain hotel.

New Video Format

Since November 2012 we have launched a new format – “Video Commentary on a Hotel”. Now a narrator walks a viewer across the hotel, shares his impressions and makes his own evaluations. We create a breathtaking commentary on a hotel, where a broadcaster “tries it on”. He lives in a hotel, dines there, swims, takes sun baths, has fun and goes to massage procedures.

Such videos motivate potential travelers much better for visiting your hotel!

Our video narrators speak Russian, but all videos will be translated into many European languages.

Webpage of Your Hotel

We are ready to start our cooperation with you by uploading a video directed by you. The more professional this video is, the better it will look among other videos of the catalogue. We recommend the maximum 1020p video resolution and h264 and MPEG4 video decoders.

It will be much better if you submit your hotel video to us and we publish it by ourselves. You may send us a DVD or upload your video to the web and give us a link.

Offer to Hotels

It will be much better if you ask our video catalogue team to make a short film about your hotel. We are ready to send our camera crew to shoot a film only about your hotel. Send us your applications. You will be surprised by the price of a video about your hotel.

Offer to Hotel Networks

We welcome hotel networks to cooperate with our resource to have full presentation of all hotels in your network in a new video format. We sign contracts on making videos on all world hotels of your network. We make both review and commentary videos. We create and post webpages of your hotels in the catalogue, as well as send this video to you for your own purposes.

Video Marketing for Hotels

Promote services of your hotel by means of videos. Video marketing has yet a long way to go in the travel industry and enables you to show out compared to those hotels that do not use videos. You will publish this video not only in our video catalogue, but also at your hotel’s website, YouTube channel and your hotel groups in social networks. Video dramatically raises interest of potential visitors towards your hotel.

Shooting a Video

To make a high quality review on a hotel, we need our broadcast narrator and operator feel themselves as hotel guests. You need to offer them a standard room to stay in for at least 24 hours. You should give them an opportunity to feel the quality of services provided to the hotel guests. As well as give them some specific information on your hotel.

Videos are shot on professional FULL HD cameras. Quality of a film, first of all, depends on you. For effective organization of a work process the camera crew will need some help of one of the hotel officials.

Once a video is shot, you will have an opportunity to edit it. The final video will be placed in the catalogue only after being approved by the hotelier.

Make some efforts that will influence your future for it is evident that more and more tourists will choose hotels basing on its videos. That’s why those hotels presented in our video catalogue will get evident advantages compared to their competitors in promoting its services worldwide.

Our Plans

We have made videos on best beach hotels of Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. We will keep on shooting beach hotels in various resort world countries. But today we’ve started to make videos on 4* and 5* city hotels. We plan to shoot videos on best ski hotels and cruise liners.

You all are familiar with high quality of our videos and our good cooperation with hotels and hotel networks. Our current project is even more improved and can be described as one that enters a real TV format. A video commentary on a hotel will open up previously inexperienced opportunities for promoting quality rest solutions. We plan to shoot videos of thousands of best world hotels.

We plan to create our own IP TV channel available in major cities. Another step will be to built a satellite-enabled channel named "The World’s Best Hotels".

It will mark a new epoch of the travel industry – creation of TV sales for travelers.

We are glad to see you as our partners

Place your hotel in our "ANGELONYX" Video Catalogue of Hotels

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