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«Angelonyx» – Best World Hotels On Video

We invite Russian travel agencies and networks to be our partners!

Over 90% of Russian tourists purchase travel tours in their local travel agencies. Many of them choose a hotel in our Video Catalogue and are ready to bring their money to a local travel agency. So, let’s give this opportunity to a greater number of travelers!

Why Is It Worth Cooperating With Us?

Traveler Orders Traffic

Travel agencies represented in our Video Catalogue will get traveler orders traffic from your regional tourists. These will generally be tourists, who have already chosen a right hotel in our Video Catalogue.

They won’t make an online payment, but will bring their money right to your office. They are accustomed to do this. Our website traffic grows all the time, that’s why the number of customers, who will see a webpage of your agency in our catalogue, will grow, too.

Free Video Catalogue Module

We will provide you with a free partner program for your website with an option of videos from our Video Catalogue. Your visitors will be nicely surprised to find out that the video catalogue of hotels is fully available right at your website. Our logo will appear only in the video, but not in the program. That will raise your agency’s prestige in your customers’ eyes.


Cost of our service in a program of cooperation with travel agencies is very moderate – 1000 RUR per month. When our help grows for you, this price will grow, too. The value of our cooperation will be calculated by a number of visits at your agency’s webpage in your catalogue’s personal account.

We do not take money in advance. Once a month is over, we will issue an invoice to you. If you want to keep on cooperating with us, you will need to pay it. If we do not receive money within 10 calendar days, we will cancel our Contract.


It is so easy to work with a tourist, who already knows what country he wants to visit and what hotels he wants to stay in. You won’t need to change his mind. You will only need to prepare all documents for him and send him on a tour!

If this hotel doesn’t have any tours left, you will have an opportunity to show his videos of similar hotels right from your website using our program.

And if your potential customer visits your agency for the very first time, you may place him in front of a huge desktop and give an opportunity to choose a proper hotel basing on videos!

You will be able to broadcast hotel videos according to a current season directly from our YouTube channel, on a large screen. And if you place a screen outside, you will find more and more customers.


We do not plan to launch franchising yet. But whenever our Video Catalogue gets really popular, we will launch franchising for certified travel agencies. Then you will be able to work under our brand.

We are glad to see travel agencies

and network from all Russian regions as our partners!

Submit your requests for being included into our Catalogue

and for getting a partner website program at

Phone: (495) 229-32-32