О компании Angelonyx

About Company

ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels is a meeting place for all actors of the tourist industry

Tourists will find here reliable and available information on places of their future vacations in a form of documentaries, detailed description and reviews.

Hoteliers will open a platform for placing information on their hotels and opportunity to promote the hotel by means of TV commercials for the target audience.

Tourist agencies will get continuous order traffic on hotel tours from tourists, who made their reasoned choice.

Advertisers will be able to promote countries, resorts, cities and tourist goods in TV commercials for the target audience.

MISSION of the ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels

The mission of our video catalogue is to make this world better by creating reliable and available information on various places and ways for vacations.

Tourism is a way of living for millions of people. Most of them spend the whole year dreaming about vacation. Choosing their future travel direction, modern tourists want to make their choice as reasonable as possible. And our video catalogue provides such an opportunity!

It is a well-known fact that over 90% of the whole information on the world around us comes from what we see. And there is nothing better than a short and true video of the place for your future vacation professionally shot according to a general scenario.

In fact, each hotel is represented in the catalogue by a short documentary, without any comments or narrator’s speech. All the needed information on the hotel will be found at the website in your native language.

Right now we are shooting beach hotels over the world showing not only their exteriors and room interiors, but also visitors and their emotions. You may learn all the details and feedbacks of tourists reading the authorized reviews.

Our next step will be to shoot city hotels, ski resorts and cruise liners.

Welcome to an amazing world of the ANGELONYX Video Catalogue of Hotels.

Contact Information:

LLC “Angelonyx”
TIN 5030075838
KPP 503001001
Registered Office: 143363, Ul. Parkovaya, 1, Aprelevka, Naro-Fominsky rayon, Moskovskaya oblast.